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    Contains: - 1x Tourniquet - 1x Pres. bandage - 1x 14g catether - 1x gauze - 1x tape 5cm x ~3m: (2" x 4.5 yards) Durapore - 1x Nasal airway - 1x lubrication - 1x alk. pad - 1x gloves (Pair, Vinyl, powdered) - 2x saefty pin - 1x black marker

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    R.A.T.S – Rapid Application Tourniquet – A solid vulcanized rubber core with a nylon sheath combined with a unique locking mechanism make this a simple and incredibly fast tourniquet to apply to self or others.  The RATS hallmark is use under stress. Weight: 70g

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    lenght is the same: 155mm / 7" rule of thumb: - small guys and woman CH26- normal 180cm / 5.9 feet CH28- big guys CH30- big big guys CH32- I don't know. Dragons I guess CH34

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    Just a tissue soaked with alcohol. No magic here

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    Sterile gauze to help blood clotting inside a wound.it's not soaked with any coagulants. package size 10cm x 3,75m / 4" x 1.47"

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    Nitril gloves. Although black gloves look cool, you can't really see blood on it. That's why we have this color. If you are police/military get bigger gloves. Cause you'll be putting it on you tactical gloves. This ones are tough enough to make it. The cheaper ones we have would tare up.

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    1pcs = couple Vinyl, powdered Please choose your size

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    you can choose from 2 sizes. 10 or 12,5cm / 4" or 6"

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    14gauge iv catheter. Used for chest decompression by EMTs all over the world. Although it's not the best tool for chest decompression.That would be chest decompression needle. which is about 10x more expensive Catheter is 62mm long. (2.44")studies told us that average thickness of chest wall between 2nd and 3rd intercostal space is about 45mm. (1.77)...

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    width 5cm / 2", lenght 9.1m / 10 yards You can choose wariant that is rewinded for leght of 3m / 3.3 yards

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    size 220x140cm / 100" x 55" gold and silver sidesUsed especially when blood loss. Wrap torso in to it.DO NOT cover - WRAP that person in to it like a tortilla

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    Czech military surplus Bandages were made in 88 a 89 so you can literally smell the comunism when you open it.VZ.80 have two pads. One fixed and one movable.Non elastic bandageBest bandage for the money.At least carry a few of these in your car.

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    GH Tourniquet 1m long Black/Red

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    Best deal in medical kits Contains all that you need to apply pre hospital trauma care. That's stopping bleeding, secure breathing, and releave of pneumothorax. Contains: bandage: VZ.80 (1987), Gauze (Lifeguard, exp. 1/19), tourniquet G&H, Gloves-Nitril (M, Peha), black marker, Nasal airway (CH26), waterbased lube, alk. pad, 14g IV cathether (~60mm),...

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    semi-big slick pouch for medical shit You are welcome

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    Tough medical pouch for concieled EDC

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    MHH- small, point, point HH- point, point TH- round, point TT- round, round

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